Plan.  Respond.  Repeat.

Located in the Greater Cincinnati Region, USA, Warner Preparedness Services, LLC, is in the business of providing emergency planning tools and solutions for a variety of emergency preparedness needs.  

WPS understands that effective emergency preparedness is a continuous process which starts and ends with good planning.  WPS provides several services designed to support the development of training programs, emergency plans, and the testing of these plans through lectures, workshops, games, drills, and exercises.  

WPS specializes in public health and medical preparedness, and has a proven record of success with public sector and private sector clients in the Greater Cincinnati Region.  

About WPS, LLC

Jared Warner, MEM, RS, serves as the president and owner of WPS.  Mr. Warner has over 8 years of experience in emergency preparedness and response, primarily in the public health, bioterrorism, and hospital preparedness fields.  

Over time, WPS has established partnerships and contacts with some of the best emergency planners and organizations in the Greater Cincinnati Area and across the United States. Depending on the needs of each project, these subject matter experts can be made available to clients as part of the services provided by WPS.  

Contact us today with questions and for more information at or 859-957-5111.